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Strong GTD Corporate Culture

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  • Strong GTD Corporate Culture

    I am beginning a career change/job search and am interested in identifying companies (regardless of size, industry or location) where the GTD approach is broadly and firmly embedded in the corporate culture. If anyone can help, please contact me back channel via email. Thanks!

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    One company that I think might be having the culture embedded in it thoroughly is .


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      I was going to say that yesterday but thankfully resisted

      Not sure that any company is truly 100% GTD-centric other than DA'S. If anyone would know the answer to this question, the DA staff would. They have created many opportunities for various corporations to learn about and implement GTD. Pehaps they have kept up with whether the companies have actually implmented their systems?

      I work for a very large company, and DA has done seminars for the headquarters staff. Whether they have actually taken his teaching to heart is debatable but at least they have been exposed to the methodology. (I don't see that as DA'S responsibility, of course.)

      I would think the only way to have a true GTD culture in a business setting is for it to be implemented (meaning FULLY supported) from the very top, and positively reinforced from top level to bottom. Every company has a culture, and some are closer (not fully though, just in degrees) to DA'S model than others.

      Certainly if I start a one man company in the future I can guarantee a GTD focus.