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How to Process Non-Actionable Amorphous Blobs

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  • How to Process Non-Actionable Amorphous Blobs

    I was wondering how to best incorporate new resources into my system.

    A specific example is this: I was just provided a referral to a website called, wihch has countless themes related to my work. I feel, however, that I don't know what to do with the link--should I simply keep it in my favorites, put it in my project file as a general reference, develop a schedule to regularly view it, explore its contents, or what?

    I guess I could do all of these, but as of now it is just a amorphous blob of information. The bottom line question is how to best process a 'non-actionable' item such as this? It's probably a bit of a strange question I am asking, but to make it more concrete, how would some of you incorporate not just new information, but new sources of information--like a new website--into life.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Or you could slip a page into the "O" section of your general reference filing.

    Or you could keep a general checklist of weblinks.

    Or you could just drag it into your "Links" toolbar and make sure that you include Links in your weekly review.

    I'd start with the Links and see if it works for you.

    Hope this helps.



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      Thanks guys,

      What I've extracted from the last

      -Add this to my reference for links:
      -My Favorites (organized by Project)
      -MY Links (organized by A-Z)

      -Add a weekly reminder (create a READ/REVIEW step within my daily and weekly eview to review various content sources on a gradual

      -Create a process action out of it, starting by defining what I'd like to achieve from reviewing the content.

      Thanks for your ideas. Certainly I'd be interested in more ways to process 'non-actionable amorphous blobs'. If any of you have them, please do post.
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