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Agenda List vs Tickler

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  • Agenda List vs Tickler

    I have @Agenda as a context in my Next Actions. I have a meeting every monday morning. Until recently I would make a list of everything to bring up at the meeting and have it in a tickler for that day. I'm starting to wonder now whether other people would use the @Agendas list, or possibly even make a context for the meeting (recurring) vs one time thing. It's a bit unwieldy for me right now having a tickler and @Agenda that could both have the list in it, so I'd appreciate some thoughts.

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    If it's only stuff you want to bring up at that meeting, I'd have an @MondayMeeting context. If it's stuff you could handle in the meantime by talking to X person, I'd put it on the @Agendas list for that person, and check the @Agendas lists before you go into that meeting.


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      Electronic or hard copy?

      How do you want to see the list? How do you store your NAs and tickler items?

      I have my Monday Morning meeting as an agenda item (in Outlook) and it's where I park all the things I want to/need to raise at the meeting. If there are more than a couple of things on it, I will print it on Friday and throw it in the tickler (physical paper files) for Monday along with any supporting material for the meeting. Otherwise, I just jot down the one or two items in my meeting notes book, whick gets processed after the meeting.

      I do this for all my regular meetings (about a dozen) and I always know where the information and that I'll look at it before the next meeting.


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        Paper-based GTD planners have a section (marked by a tab) for Agendas. Each sheet of paper in that section is designated for a specific person or meeting. Write the name of the person or meeting at the top of the page and list the agenda items down the page as you collect them.

        In an electronic GTD planner (e.g. MS Outlook) use the @Agendas category. Each "task" in that category represents a specific person or meeting. In the "Notes" section of each task, list the agenda items you want to discuss.

        A paper-based tickler file is great for making sure that a piece of paper gets into your inbox and noticed at an appropriate time. For example, if I have concert tickets for a venue that's three weeks away I put it in my tickler file for the day before. When that day arrives the tickets are in my inbox, right on schedule. Paper bills and date-specific reminders scribbled on paper are also good candidates for this.

        If you're having trouble deciding which to use then ask yourself which would put the information right in your face when you need it. Maybe consider doing both for a while. It's better to be a little redundant than let things slip through the cracks. As long as your brain trusts your system enough to let go of these reminders then you're fine.