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    Originally posted by Gardener View Post
    Haha, the "babbling" is very much appreciated and I really think you make good points about taxonomy. Really...I could go completely without folders, especially since, as you mention, there shouldn't be much reason to be viewing the system from a project level (outside planning mode). The perfect scenario would be to get everything setup in a way that appropriate tasks that require attention all bubble up to the surface at the appropriate time, that's what it's really all about. Still though, there's a part of me that really REALLY wants the initial project categorization setup in such a way that it makes sense to me. Again, I can't entirely speak to the reasoning behind this other than to say part of the problem I ran into initially was that behind the scenes I felt my over organization was somehow effecting my system.

    I am getting closer though. I've got a few more projects to setup and then some contexts to work on before I start tailoring perspectives into a something actually useful that will help make some decisions for me about what I should be focusing on.


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      Originally posted by CSicking View Post
      So I've actually been re-organizing things here and there over the past few days and I'm starting to feel a bit better about the organization.
      Remember, none of this is set in stone. You'll carry on tweaking your system indefinitely as your circumstances change, and that's fine.

      It's very easy to get really hung up making the 'perfect' system and never actually do any of the stuff on the lists.

      Now you've got a good structure to work from, just start working it. You'll find the holes as you go along.


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        Most of my stuff is electronic. I have setup my folders in OneNote, Outlook and Windows Explorer the same way.

        #Environmental Stewardship
        #Financial Sustainability
        #Integrated Water Management
        #Organisational Capability
        #Service Delivery
        @Calendar Support

        Those with a # are my areas of focus (I've only listed the work ones above, at home I have Social & Fun, Self, Sustainability) and obviously they have subfolders. I use AOF folders for support of habitual routine activity information (eg in financial I have notes on how to do the monthly accruals for our opex budgets).
        I have a flat projects file like Gardener recommends. I did what you did first, found it didn't work, and listed to a DA webinar on the topic, he recommends a flat project folder. So there is one folder under @Projects for each project and they are not grouped by area of focus. However since I have separate work and home systems, by default only work projects are on my work laptop, home projects on home laptop.
        If you try to sub categorise the projects it becomes hard especially at work, when a project fulfils several areas of focus.
        I like OneNote for searching and storing info.
        When I finish a project I move it to @Done for later reference.