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Are you hooked on hacking life?

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  • Are you hooked on hacking life?

    Seth Godin asks today: Are you hooked on hacking life?

    Originally posted by Seth Godin
    Perhaps you can quote the GTD literature chapter and verse (...)

    That's great. But the question remains, "what have you shipped?"

    You're saving a ton of time, freeing yourself up to... do what, precisely?
    That is a powerful insight that I totally agree with.

    So... What have you shipped?

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    Originally posted by TesTeq View Post
    So... What have you shipped?
    So far this month I've sorted, rated and triaged a bunch of pictures for scrapbooking, sent meat samples to a new chef for possible use in his restaurant, got a new renter for a building we own, spun, plied and washed Cynfab's 2005 roving, Spun but not yet plied Gwen's roving. Read 5 books on my list, preg checked some of the ewes and am learning how to do ultrasounds on them, getting prepared for shearing, got tax paperwork to accountant, am working through 4 on-line classes and am keeping up with all homework for them, got a database program running on android for sheep EID and have been training our new puppy.Those are just the major projects, lots of smaller stuff too.