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What books and strategies do you recommend?

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  • What books and strategies do you recommend?

    Aside from the David Allen suite, I've been reading The Checklist Manifesto and its changing the way I look at my to do and context lists. I also read about Steven Covey's 4 quadrants (importance and urgency grid) and looking how I can apply it to GTD. Have you read any books / heard of any strategies that you use to supplement GTD?

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    I went through a pre-GTD period where I read quite a bit of the time management literature. Some of the old stuff from Franklin-Covey was helpful at the time, and I think Winston's Organized Executive book was good. Honestly, though, GTD is just a lot better. If you do what DA says to do, you will be in good shape.


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      Lots of additional reading

      This is an excellent question and one that I'm often thinking about and exploring.

      I listened to Wild Success in 2013 webinar, during which I heard DA mention a book that deeply influenced his views on visioning called Release Your Brakes! I found a used copy and have been digging into it.

      I also listen to as much GTD Connect audio as possible - from these I've found many interesting and useful resources or new ways of thinking about something. Have you listened to the recent interview DA did with Dan Pink? I must have written a full page of notes from that.


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        I found a lot of value in The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg.