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mobile and complex, additional ideas wanted

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  • mobile and complex, additional ideas wanted

    Hi all,

    first post and dutch so please ignore bad spelling here and there

    I'm a general contractor with personel, an office and multiple building sites i have to manage .
    I therefore need to be mobile and found the following method.
    I use a Windows phone, so on the road i can mail and use OneNote (shared file via Hotmail) We work with outlook at the office and with OneNote with the shared file on skydrive.
    I've created a couple of folders for my personal organisation: task, project, later and so on. I send myself mails as opposed to writing notes. Rules get the mails into the right folders. So far so good.
    OneNote is used as a notepad for the things that are building site specific.
    Now here's the catch: creating a task icon on a OneNote page doesn't generate a task in Hotmail and Hotmail tasks don't synch with Outlook either.
    So now i'm using mail as a tasklist. But i'm convinced there has to be a better way!

    So idea's wanted!


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    Hi Marry,

    yes it is and, in my opinion, it is complex.
    So while working with GTD for about a year now ( and infecting others too), i like the system, almost nothing falling through the cracks.

    Most difficulties i experienced were with capturing commitments made during conversations. And then not the larger formal meetings but the fast encounters with people i work with.

    I'm about 50% of the time at the office and the other 50% on variable sites. So mobile is very important to me. And to drag a tablet or laptop everywhere (along with a writing pad, camera, measurement stuff (tape and digital) just isn't practical.

    So by using a "smart moblie phone i do get almost all commitments and the mobility i need. It's just doing things double or too with too many steps at times which i do not like.
    The other limiting factor is the people working for me at the office. They work with GTD now, have outlook but do not need the mobility. And to change everything just for my sake (with the amount of errors expected from change) just isn't right.

    so a small tweak in which OneNote mobile connects to Hotmail of vice versa would be great.