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Priorities and Goals... The GTD Achilles Heel?

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    Originally posted by cwoodgold View Post
    Usually, that type of thing would add some new, higher-priority work, or
    else raise the priorities of some specific work you'd already planned.
    It wouldn't usually change the relative priorities of other actions not connected
    to it.
    So, I think pre-prioritizing is still useful: I compare the new action to the
    top few priorities I already had, and think "OK, it's more important than any
    of these, so I'm confident it's more important than any of the other actions
    in my list ... I don't need to read the whole list."
    On the other hand -- reading over your whole list (and perhaps all
    your Someday/Maybe's too) could be a mistake too, because it takes time
    at a time when you may need to react quickly to a situation.
    Sure, time planning and thinking about priorities is time well spent. But at least for me, there is no point spending a lot of time on this every day. Perhaps my work is more interdependent and reactive than most, but I can be told one day not to spend any time on that (moved to Someday/Maybe) and the next day it's due by noon and rearranges the priorities (or eliminates the need for) other projects and actions.

    For me, it is much more important to have clearly identified projects and the true next action so that when something is imposed as a priority I know exactly the next thing to do. There is so much more to do than will ever get done and I've played the game of rewriting my to do list from day to day, week to week and even month to month. I much prefer the GTD method in general. I will absolutely identify priorities during weekly and daily reviews - I just don't spend a lot of time trying to get it perfect.


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      someone's got to say it!

      Originally posted by commmmodo View Post
      I was a little upset at how well this experiment went...

      The results? I got what would have taken 20 days done in about 4. I achieved my goal, and it moved the company and my life forward in a really big way.
      I can't believe I'm the first to say this (and if someone did and I missed it, I apologize!)... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And if GTD helped with your success, then good for GTD!

      I think that we - myself included - get bogged down in the minutiae of the system sometimes. You used the perspective you've gotten from GTD and, I'm sure, other sources, and gave yourself a HUGE win. So bravo to you!



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        Originally posted by artsinaction View Post
        Yes -- Congratulations, commmmodo!!

        Good catch, Dena!