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GTD and Business Analysis

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  • GTD and Business Analysis

    Hi all,

    I am new to GTD, and I am having trouble figuring out how to apply the concepts to my job. I am a Business Analyst, and I usually have anywhere from one to four projects assigned to me at any given time. Each of my projects have several deliverables, which require anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete. These deliverables include Business Requirements Documents (BRD), Business Impact Analysis (BIA) documents, test strategies, and process flows.

    Should I consider each of these deliverables a separate project? Or should I keep these items in Project Plan folders?

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    You should do what makes sense to you, as long as it works well. If the deliverables for a given assignment have some relationship such as common data or dependencies, then perhaps the deliverables should be combined in a single project. If they are largely independent or are delivered on different time scales, then perhaps not. A good test might be to check that your projects have well-defined desired outcomes.


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      Thanks for the feedback.


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        ex-BA GTD'er - what I did....

        Ex-BA here.

        I create 1 project and in my project information sheet I keep note of the status of each deliverable. I basically check them off as I get done. I have a checklist which has all the standard deliverables so I'm not having to remember this for each project I get on. And then I create as many next actions as it makes sense to create. So I can be working on many deliverables at the same time if they all have next actions I can move forward.

        To keep me on track with deadlines, I will add ticklers that would be "Project X BIA draft due" for instance.

        But if you're working with a project manager who keeps some of this detailed stuff in a project plan, I link instead to that project plan from my project information sheet and try to keep duplication from that project plan into my GTD system to a minimum.

        Hope that helps.