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    Greetings to all.
    I am curious as to how people use an @AGENDAS category. Do you create one item per person, and agenda items in an attached note, or do you enter information as todo's perhaps with the person's name as an indentifier? Would a to do look like
    a) >>> [] Dave (with multiple agenda items in an attached note, not clearly visible)
    b)>>> [] Dave: status of project a(with no note)

    Thanks in advance for the input...


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    "Do you create one item per person, and agenda items in an attached note"

    Yes. In my @Agendas category I have a list of names of people that I interact with regularly (e.g. coworkers, family, fitness coach) and am likely to have things that I want to remember to discuss with them. I put these items one to a line in a note.

    Items that are more tied to a specific event or someone who I will only see occasionally (e.g. questions for dentist) I put in a note attached to that appointment.

    Hope this helps.



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      I have a separate category for each person, with each item as a separate task. This feels a bit like overkill, but it does make it very easy to:
      - use the group by categories to show agenda items for an individual quickly
      - drag outlook items to a person's agenda
      - check off items on a person's agenda
      - have the same item on the "waiting" and on a person's agenda
      - have a further level of detail on the notes for a particular item

      I can also keep the closed items for project records and so on.

      The downside is that you have a long list of categories.





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        Each person is a task. The attached note lists all of the things I need to talk with them about. One advantage to doing it this way is that I can e-mail someone the entire agenda. For instance, I have an agenda for our school system's tech coordinator. In the attached note, I have a running list of computer repair problems. I can print him a copy of the list or e-mail it.

        The only time is let one item be a task all by itself is if was already a task and I simply changed the category. For instance, if I had an @Waiting For task that needed follow-up, and that follow-up was to talk with someone, I wuold change the name of the category to @Agenda and be sure the person's name was at the beginning of the task.