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Note that can't be processed

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  • Note that can't be processed

    I have some notes that I can't process:
    - Transfer Finished Action to Weekly Review instead of Deleting (Evernote)
    - Watch Video on Accounting once per week.

    How do you deal with notes like these?

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    1. @Work
    • Transfer Finished Actions in Evernote to Weekly Review file (instead of deleting)
      • due on day before weekly review occurs and recurring every 7 days thereafter.

    2. @Work
    • Watch Video on Accounting
      • due on Friday and recurring every 7 days thereafter.

    I hope this helps.



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      I love checklists....

      1. I add this to my weekly review checklist
      2. I add this to my daily checklist. I have a section of this checklist for day specific items and so this would appear only on my Friday checklist. You could also just add this as a recurring tickler as Joe mentioned.

      The best solution probably depends on your GTD list manager & calendar.....


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        Process v. Organize

        Be careful not to blend the process and organize phases.

        Process is thinking about the item and walking through the Workflow Diagram - What is it? Etc. You can only trust your organizing choice by finishing your thinking in processing.

        I catch myself jumping ahead all the time which leads to that hesitation of, "where does this go?".