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    Hello again everyone. I had a question about using the discussion forums. It seems to me that one can only do a search for single words. Is that correct? For example, if I wanted to do a search for threads that mention "project lists," I get all threads that have the word "project," those that have "lists" in them, those that have "projects" and "lists," but not together, and those that have "project lists" together, but not JUST those that have the two words combined in the phrase "projects lists." This makes it hard to sift through the threads to find pertinent information. I hate to keep creating threads that have already been discussed, but it's difficult to search for the information for which I'm looking. I have tried using quotes around my phrases, as you would for a Google search, but get the same results. Any help? Thanks. You guys are great!!

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    Go to "Advanced Search"

    You can search in greater depth in Advanced Search.

    If you want to search for key words grouped try this in Advanced Search:

    "Project list"

    Use quotations and you should find things that way.


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      Status of search engine

      Hi RichB,

      Thanks for writing in and being part of our forum community. You raise a good question. At this time, the forum software only has the capability of looking for single key words, not phrases. What MarkDillon suggested can narrow it slightly more, but it won't make a huge difference, as the search engine is not designed to search for phrases.

      This is an area that our team is currently looking into as we continue to make improvements on the site. We will make sure to keep our members posted on any future possibilities. Thank you for your question and please let us know if we can be of further support to you.

      The GTD Connect Team


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        I'm not sure this trick will work for the private forums, but Google Site Search works great for searching for public forums.

        Try googling
        site: "project lists"