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Using more than one trusted system

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  • Using more than one trusted system

    Hello all.

    I was wondering if anyone had a separate GTD setup for work vs personal. Due to security concerns at my company, getting access to corporate resources is a real PITA without a fully booted up laptop and an RSA token. So it's not easy for me to glance at my lists when I am at home. I have a corporate issued Blackberry, but it's locked down pretty tight, so I can't install anything on it, and I find the build in task list woefully inadequate.

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    You can have more than one GTD system if it works for you.

    Originally posted by apastuszak View Post
    I was wondering if anyone had a separate GTD setup for work vs personal.
    You can find plenty of such people here (including Forum Wrangler Kelly Forrister and me). There are many threads in which the topic was discussed and there is a general consensus that you can have more than one GTD system if it works for you.


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      One system - many parts

      I look at this as one system with several parts. The important thing is that it works for you and that everything has only one place to go. You don't want any overlap or duplication.

      I'm actually in the process of splitting out part of my personal from my work system. I'll still keep calendar all on the work system because it syncs to my Blackberry. And for that reason, errands will also stay on the work system. But otherwise, I've been loving my new iPad mini so I'm going to try it out for personal projects and NAs. It's easier to look at than the Blackberry screen.


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        For me having two GTD gets me more confused so I would just have to maintain one and make sure I have a distinction between work and personal things and prioritize.


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          I keep three projects lists, but only 1 NA system. My projects lists are Projects-Home, Projects-Academic (which is my work) and Projects-Creative Writing (for my novels).

          The NAs for any one of them could need to be done in any given context, so I put the NAs in their appropriate contexts and go from there.

          And shh! I keep all the NAs for Projects-Creative Writing right in the projects list. Because they're really more subprojects/targets for the next thing to do during my daily writing time, like "Outline Novel 2" or "Write midpoint scene of Novel 1."


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            Using more than one trusted system


            When I am coaching I am always pointing out to folks that these are focusing lists as well as next action lists. If someone wants to separate out personal and professionally because they lose their focus than it makes sense to do that. I was working with a client who didn't want to see his personal actions on his work list. If he did want to do some personal work during the day then he would go over to another list to see those options. However he knew that if he needed to make a personal call during working hours that he put that on a list that he would see during business hours. That being said, I have clients who want to combine both personal and professional so it just depends. Just understand the value of why are you doing what you are doing. I work out of my house and I have done it both ways over the last 14 years.
            Hope that helps.