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    Originally posted by LizH View Post
    Say good morning in a cheerful voice when you get to work. Every day.

    Have a project (or more!) on You having fun - only you will be taking care of you, so see that you do.

    You are not their doctor or therapist. You can be their good colleague, a few times even a friend. Like and respect and be polite. Think about the differences in the roles, I think we can be better colleagues that way.
    Thankyou I like your thoughts it shows a real respect towards others that does help, everyone


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      Originally posted by S-Tolland View Post
      Thank you for coming in on this Siobhan - sorry that I didn't credit you in my initial post. I'm afraid I was in a bit of a hurry and had a mental block regarding who had mentioned the joy list!

      There's some great tips on here from everyone - I love the way the forums are so rich in advice and support! I'm incredibly lucky to work in an environment where most people are reasonably positive but we have our moments and it's really good to have some positive tips to try out when work is getting you down.

      I am really heartened with all of the replies to my very first post. It is a very big positive and full of very good ideas. Thanks Sarah for your blog I just had a quick look, I am sure to visit again and have it bookmarked for review.


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        Originally posted by PeterW View Post
        The culture at my workplace has been very negative for a long time but it's starting to turn around. The CEO finally realised how much money the business lost annually because of high employee turnover and the consequent loss of knowledge and momentum.

        We've now hired some business coaches to help us instill a new culture and practice. It's still early in the process but it's already helping. One of the key things they've asked us to do is avoid "playing below the line", i.e. negative talk, blame, gossip, all the stuff that doesn't bring a more productive workplace along with permission for everyone to be able to challenge whenever they think someone is playing below the line. Another is "to always assume positive intent", i.e. don't immediately view anything that's said or done as negative.

        There's lots more to it and it's a complex web of initiatives, and it's a slow process to turn around ingrained culture. It would not be easy to do any of this alone so I'd suggest you find some like-minded individuals who want to work in a better environment so you can collectively start to make it happen.

        Thanks Peter really good suggestion for a mentor process and the art of listening can be difficult but can be powerful and insightful


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          Congratulations on your award! It's great to hear that you are finding ways to keep positive and that you are being recognised for your good work


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            Originally posted by escapegardens View Post
            Thanks for your reply. I invested my time in sharing time with positive people over coffee and playing pool at lunchtimes. But I staying focused on my projects and have just recently won an award, yay