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    1. I have too many "boxes" for my Someday/Maybe, Should Read, Read Later, Interesting, etc. Pocket, an Email Folder, a PC folder, Feedly "read later"

    2. I never actually read anything in these boxes

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    Reading your post made me realize, I've got the exact same problem, using the exact same tools.

    I've decided the solution is to abandon those tools and instead put the URL to those items in my list manager. Although it's less convenient, it will get reviewed on a regular basis, and is mentally "cleaner".


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      What context do you put them under?

      Do you purge them during you're weekly review?


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        Evernote Clipper

        Mine all end up in Evernote with a tag Read/Review or in a Someday/Maybe folder. I had to find a way to simplify my buckets and Evernote really worked as a solution. I can clip anything from the web and store it to read later ... along with all my read/review actions or lists.


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          I like to use my "powers of two" system for things like that. Some things are to be reviewed more often, others less often; and when I review them, since I know they won't be coming up in the system again for a certain length of time, there's a bit of an incentive to maybe go ahead and do something with them now. Each day there's a manageable amount of stuff to review; there's a sense of novelty since I haven't seen those things for just the right length of time, and there's a satisfying sense of completeness after looking through the stuff for that day.


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            Leave just one box & label it "trashcan".

            Originally posted by furashgf View Post
            2. I never actually read anything in these boxes
            So leave just one box & label it "trashcan".


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              I put all read later material into Pocket, including Feedly and Flipboard articles. I have a reminder to check the Pocket queue once a week. I try to check it more often than that but at least once a week I read some articles. It helps having it all in one place.


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                I use many of the same tools, but .. .. ..

                Feedly, Pocket, Evernote (including Clipper) used here too.

                When I review my Feedly feed, if an item looks interesting, I save it to Pocket. The main reason being that I've not found anything that handles formatting articles and blog posts better than Pocket, especially for reading later on my Android phone.

                When I'm on the web and see something I may want to save, if it's an article/blog post it goes to Pocket. If it's a different type of content page, I use Evernote Clipper. These latter items land in my Evernote inbox and from there I can process it to its final destination and properties in Evernote.

                I typically review my unread Pocket items from my Android phone about once or twice a week (usually on airline flights). If it's something I want to save as a reference item, Pocket allows seamless "sharing" with Evernote so that takes care of it. If the Pocket item needs follow-up action, Pocket for Android similarly allows seamless sharing with my Ultimate To Do List on my phone - which then automatically syncs with ToodleDo, my task manager.

                While this may all sound complicated, it's actually a pretty simple and logical use of each of the tools:

                - Web surfing and Feedly: provides the "incoming"
                - Pocket is the inbox for articles and blog posts
                - Evernote is the inbox for other web pages.
                - Evernote is the storage place for reference materials
                - ToodleDo is the system for actionable items