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File folders in Filing cabinet

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  • File folders in Filing cabinet

    Is anyone else having trouble with the file folders falling down in the filing cabinet? I dont want to resort to the hanging files, but this doesnt seem to be working. Do I need to go buy a filing cabinet with one of the those sliding metal spacers or something?

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    Yes, to avoid this you'll either need to get a cabinet with a re-positionable metal plate behind the folders, or fill the space behind them with something like a cardboard box of appropriate size. Doesn't need to be perfect, but just enough to take up enough slack that they don't fall over.


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      My filing cabinet has a moveable thingy which is like a very thick wire in a kindof sortof V-shape. It fits into slots on the edges of the drawer, which are spaced about every 2 inches along, and is also held in place by ridges along the bottom of the drawer. I put it (ideally) a few inches behind the last folder so there's a bit of looseness allowing folders to be slid in and out easily. You could just take some cardboard or string or strips of wood and attach them to the drawer with sticky tape. Or maybe a cardboard box as suggested by GMX, although you have to be ready to switch in a differently-sized box as your amount of folders changes by more than a few inches, or cut pieces off the box.


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        Bookends with magnetic bottoms work great if your drawers are made of steel.


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          Same problems

          I am having endless problems with my filing system.

          I can't find the recommended filing cabinets anywhere in Australia, have tried using heavy duty bookends but they keep falling over even though they are magnetic and my filing cabinets are metal.

          That problem, doubled with the fact that I can't get A4 tabbed file folders in any cut-size, is driving me crazy!! I'm using plain A4 folders which fall flat against each other making it difficult to find anything.

          I am, as I post, sourcing double capacity hanging files which I hope will solve the problem. Also looking for heavy strength tabs which I can attach to the top of the files to create the missing tabs.

          Not ideal, and a little more time consuming, but I really need to be find everything in a snap