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Livingroom as Home Office?

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  • Livingroom as Home Office?

    Last edited by CosmoGTD; 03-31-2006, 05:37 AM.

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    Already did it. Instead of an office, it's a 'study'. One wall is the office part: a nice table, not a desk; matching bookcases on either side have 2 lateral file drawers each. shifted the couch & 2 chairs toward the other end which opened onto the foyer. Put French doors across the opening to close it off but not close it in. Now when I need it it's my office, but if we have a lot of company it still has the same amount of seating. It's great!


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      I've got separate small room for my home office. It allows me to focus when I need to. In the living room where everybody anytime can watch TV or discuss the latest fashion trends I am not able to concentrate on my job.


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        Best of Both Worlds

        We have a standard living room/den upstairs (couches, TV, etc.) and what was intended to be a family room downstairs, roughly the same size, that I use as my office.

        The benefits of turning the family room or "bonus room" into my office was huge. First of all, there is PLENTY of space (we're talking about 16 feet by 24 feet) with a fireplace and a huge picture window, so it's light and airy. Also, because it is so big I have a large wall covered with bookshelves, another small wall where I had cupboards and a countertop put in for printing, mail sorting, etc., and a large sitting area with a sectional couch. It's really nice to have a fully functional space like this, but without losing our living room.

        I'm sure if I had kids I wouldn't be able to do something like this, though.


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          dining room as home office

          We are in the process of turning our dining room into my home office. My first office was a room that had been pirated from half the garage but it was dark and uncomfortable and quickly became a junk collecting room and paper warehouse. The dining room is going to be it because we have a nice enclosed porch with a view of sorts to eat in and you have to go through the dining room to get anywhere in the house so I think it is a good place to work an process paper. My plan is to have in my office:two computer work stations (mine, kids--the later, viewable by me from the living room and the kitchen), and maybe a writing desk or surface, a supply cabinet, little drawers for small office supplies (I have two sets of 6 and would like another set), book shelves of various depths, a bulletin board and a white board, a place for fax-copier, shredder, paper recycle receptacle and magazine/newspaper recycle recpetacle, in-boxes for each family member, an out-going box for US mail and one for everything else "to go", a place for my brief case and laptop, one comfy chair and foot rest, a place to recharge my phone, a little TV wuth VCR, a boom box, and 8 file drawers. I would also like to accomodate my easel stand and pad but that asking for an awful lot. since there will not be much wall sapce left for pictures, I am going to hang mobile. SDMB I will purchse office and computer from a good place, possible Computer Furnitiue Direct, for now it's going to be patched together. What's in your office and how do you like it?


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            My home office is in the dining room, and occupies one large table (plus a printer cart and my filing cabinet). The other table which ought to be the dining room table is actually my beading workshop. Then there's the study, which would be a second bedroom otherwise. That's where I do homework, far away from the seductive presence of the computer and the beading tools.


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              Our office is in what is supposed to be a family room in the basement of our house. It's bright, pleasant to work in, and saves a lot of money in renting out in the community.


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                Which room? We have 2 Bedrooms AND the Front Room as offices. and the Garage as the Photo Studio / Warehouse.

                hummmmmmm ....... I guess with my Bonsai, the Patio would technically be an office too! I guess I'll take that deduction on my 2004 taxes! if it works ..... ammend and REFILE! WHOO-HOO!