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Let's Create a List of Handy Recurring Tasks!

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  • Let's Create a List of Handy Recurring Tasks!

    Hello everyone!

    I thought it would be a neat idea if we contributed ideas of handy recurring things that we keep forgetting to do, but are helpful to do, such as:

    Flipping the Mattress
    Cleaning the Sheets
    Changing Washer Hoses
    Buying Seasonal Clothes

    Can you tell I was doing the laundry when I was coming up with this idea

    Have fun!


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    Consumables related to the ongoing/recurring aspects of keeping the home up and running:
    Buy gas for the mower
    Buy "string" for the weedeater
    Buy air filters for A/C

    As a serial procrastinator, sometimes having both the shopping and the chore itself stacked up is just enough to make me drag my feet and do neither. Sad but true.


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      I think your idea is quite interesting.
      On the other hand, it occurs to me that we might be making a dangerous list of "should's", where in my opinion I like to direct my life towards "wants" and "feel likes"

      In that sense, I tend to wait for many of those tasks to kind of blow up so I know there's no escape. Instead of having every little detail impecably handled, I just focus on the important stuff, and neglect details. Then, I don't have a shirt to wear the next day, panic a little, solve it, and that's it!

      But in the end, I'm almost sure I haven't wasted any more time that just the absolute minimum needed to handle details.
      That being said, I also agree that some are better me handled in a cyclic way. For instance, I go to the dentist every year. Calendared, handled "properly". It pays off. Many of other examples I had in the past don't, and were filling my calendar with an ocean of "should's", almost making me feel like a robot controlled by my recurring tasks.

      Anyway, here's my small contribution to your collection with some recurrent tasks I still use and have calendared:
      - personal financial control (monthly review)
      - cut hair
      - buy flowers
      - monthly lunch with university colleagues
      - car inspection
      - visiting my ill aunt
      - visiting the ocean for no reason
      - changing winter/summer clothes in the closet
      - (at the company there are some more: board meetings, department meeting, ...)

      P.S: I have a maid cleaning up weekly - that of course sorts out many...

      Gonçalo Gil Mata


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        I have lots of them

        I have lots of them with varying frequencies.

        Here are some examples:

        Get septic tank pumped (every 5 years)
        Water heaters out for summer
        Water heaters in for winter
        Plan sheep breeding
        Clean sheep corrals (actually 4 different projects, ram, ram lamb, ewe and ewe lamb corrals)
        Trim sheep toes
        sheep out on pasture
        sheep in from pasture
        federal sheep inspection
        sheep vaccinations
        sheep deworming
        horse vaccinations
        horse deworming
        horse hoof trims
        butcher chickens for the year
        mark fields before irrigation
        Ditch company annual meeting
        get irrigation running for summer
        shut irrigation down for winter
        dam inspection
        monthly financial records for farm, home and the 2 associations where I am treasurer
        Yearly paperwork filing
        yearly taxes for personal, farm, and the 2 organizations
        annual physical exam
        Change passwords on financial web sites
        purge paper reference files
        Cherry Days Ice Cream Social for Historical society
        County fair entries
        Hunting seasons
        Send Christmas cards
        Proces X bill (one for each credit card or monthly bill)
        Get hay for the year
        Clean ditches
        NSIP weights for lambs
        Get lambing bags ready
        Evaluate sheep
        Make sheep mineral for (rams, ram lambs, ewes, ewe lambs, yearlings)
        Register lambs
        Change wool moth traps
        Some computer backup tasks I cannot automate
        household cleaning tasks as checklists by weekly, monthly or yearly frequency and projects to tickle those to get done as appropriate


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          Contract renewal/termination

          For every single contract that I have, everything from minor private subscriptions to business partnership agreements, which either auto-renew every, say, 12 months unless terminated, or expire unless explicitly renewed, I have a timer set up to assess and take action (renew/terminate as appropriate). That's a lot of timers.


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            GTD *IS* a Recurring Task!

            I use OneNote (Digital version of a loose leaf binder) and have added a "Forms" section to my "Reference" tab. I currently have two forms, 1) Workday 2)Weekend. At the end of each day I copy/past the appropriate form into the front of my notebook in a "Daily" tab.

            Now here's the part that really works for me (dabbled in GTD for years but just now fully committed to the process)...

            The form has the 5 steps to GTD in outline format; 1) Collect 2) Process 3) Organize 4) Review and 5) Do

            My collect section has all my "Inputs". Physical In-Box, Voice-mail and multiple email boxes.

            Process and Organize simply has a few notes from the GTD website about that phase of the process

            Review points me to each "next action" list in prioritized order depending on if it's a workday or not.. on a workday that list would be @phone (my commute in) @office @computer @Anywhere @errands (my commute home) @home

            This list is duplicated in my final "Do" section with an addition of a "Scheduled Tasks" area which is pre-populated with the times I take various medications and filled in with any appointments for the day from my previous day's calendar review.

            Every item has a check-box that I can tick as I go. The beauty of OneNote is I can easily check off items from either PC or smartphone and in the event I know I'll be digitally offline I can easily print hard-copy versions of my needed lists.

            BTW this is my first week as a paying GTD>Connect member and I've easily recovered the subscription cost in the form of increased productivity. You guys are awesome. I only wish I made the commitment sooner! - Pf