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    I prefer flat lists.

    Originally posted by mcogilvie View Post
    I'm confused. PigPog used flat lists. Did it not work for you?
    Did you never conquer Albania with it?
    I prefer flat lists because:
    1. GTD lists are flat by definition.
    2. Flat lists do not bulge my pockets.


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      bcmyers, I think i am beginning to get the picture. We all have different kinds of difficulties that we need to overcome, and it is always difficult to understand those that have a difficulty with something the we ourselves find totally natural.

      For example, I myself have no genuine understanding for problems that other people have with the inbox and bringing it to zero all the time, and I have no problem with reference information not being linked or integrated, or with the absence of reminders and alarm bells and snooze buttons. Others raise hell over such things, whereas I would not even have known it could be a problem to some if they had not mentioned it so often.

      In the same way, it seems that you and many others simply feel no need at all for constant reviewing or for keeping the dots connected all the time. You refresh the connections once in a while only, and that's enough to keep you going.

      Perhaps that's as far as we can get with this discussion. Maybe our internal wiring is different. Anyway, it does not seem to be anything that lets itself be easily analyzed.

      Oh, I might add, though, that in technical (software) terms this discussion essentially boils down to whether hierarchies, such as in Windows and many other kinds of software, should be encouraged or discouraged in GTD apps. It is a relatively simple and common feature elsewhere, but apparently a very infected one in GTD circles.


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        Originally posted by bcmyers2112

        I actually moved all of my GTD lists to Evernote last night, BTW. Maybe I'll talk about that sometime.
        Does that mean the Wunderlist experiment is over? For a digital solution I found Wunderlist to be a pretty good fit to implement GTD on the surface. They have added a lot of great features over time, many of which are available for free. The only issue for me is that I don't need a lot of those features, and to add them, some of the simplicity has gone by the wayside.

        Inline editing for example is no longer a major feature, you have to double click on a task and go into the sub-menu. Not a great hardship when you are at the computer, but still gets in the way of flow when you are at work. Similarly, the mobile app looks great, but also lacks speed when you need it most. When you want to quickly enter a task on the move, there doesn't seem to be a way to do it without entering it into whichever context view you are currently in. so if you are in the @errands view, any new task will also get entered @errands which means you won't see them where you necessarily want to see them later. For this I find is unmatched for quick capture on the go. The mobile quick add which is launched from the home screen is the fastest and most intuitive I have seen anywhere. It also launches with no lag, unlike the Wunderlist mobile app, which is essential when you are on the road.

        Don't get me wrong, I love the Wunderlist suite of products, I just find that it's perhaps losing function in favor of form.


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          wunderlist and evernote -back to basics

          I follow wunderlist on twitter , seems like they still have outages , sync issues and now I see they published a script to fix the mac app from crashing on start up .

          Let us know how your " BTB " weekly review goes with evernote , I'm curious .


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            pretty hard to wear out your welcome : )

            I think the only thing that will wear out your welcome around here is posting often on " why GTD doesn't work " etc .
            I've never understood the people that show up and start posting like that .
            Not sure why they need to bash a product they don't even use .. oh well .
            All that to say , frequent posting is not illegal : )

            I've tried wunderlist but the iPhone app seems a little " clunky " to me .