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GTD Nirvana -- when no defense is required

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  • GTD Nirvana -- when no defense is required

    Just a brief thought before I commence with my family's holiday festivities...

    It dawned on me today that if I feel I have to defend or justify any of my action and reference management systems -- they probably aren't working. A system that supports you in being appropriately productive and accountable is self-justified.

    Happy holidays to everyone celebrating something today. To those who are not: have a happy day.

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    I like your thought. It reminds me of something Michael Neill said once on his podcast--that the more reasons you can offer for doing something, the less you probably really want to do it.

    Much the same can be said here; if GTD works, that's enough reason for doing it. David spends a lot of time explaining why and how it works, but he seems to come back to "it works" as the primary line of GTD apologetics again and again.