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Projects and NA's

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  • Projects and NA's

    Call me dense, but I just did a first read-through of GTD and haven't gone to the local office supply store to pick up my initial components...but I have a general question:

    Do you put NA's on the individual Project Page or your @computer list (for the sake of example: using the web to research and price shopping cart systems for eventual use is Project X: Company Website.)

    I apologize if I'm lost at one of the fundemental concepts of GTD. But I've been reading this non-stop since 3:30am (insomnia) and eager to implement it.

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    @NA aka next actions should go on the context lists

    so if "research computer reviews" is a next action in a project to "buy new computer" it would go on my "@ONLINE" context next action list.

    i really keep them in both places for reference.

    i use the project page to list "all actions that need to be completed to fulfill the project" but only the next action will go on the context list.

    on a palm you can manage this quite readily, -- bit more work to make this duplication work in a paper based system, but it can work there as well too.


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      Thanks for responding.

      On your project pages, are you pre-listing your various actions to complete that project and bringing the appropriate NA to your context list or listing them as your progress? (I kind of like the idea of keeping a list of all the NAs you took on a particular you/your boss a gauge for what has already been accomplished.)

      I was thinking about picking up a Palm but to tell you the truth, I work from home dealing with several dotcom businesses (ecommerce sites and a hosting site) so could stick with a paper system or computer and keep a notepad for collection when I'm out of the house.

      I told my wife how exciting this book was and what my plans were. She just gave me "The Look," which in this case, was as if she was looking right through me. LOL. I guess that's what I get for trying multiple different time management and life management programs over the years.