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Overloaded with ideas and information

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  • Overloaded with ideas and information

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    new ideas

    I don't push back on new ideas, I try to get them into my system. Someday/maybe or a "mind dump" list that can be referred to when I'm at the right time and place to do so.

    For me, I keep a memo open in my pocket pc, called mind dump. I write all kinds of crazy ideas in there with the understanding they may never go anywhere. Then, when I'm sitting around with nothing much going on, I'll read back thru them and decide if I'm going to act on any of them in terms of starting a project or next action. Keeps all that stuff out of my head but not lost forever.


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      Mike - I like that idea, and might try it myself.
      Do you clear the "mind dump" file out after you review it, or does it become a living, breathing document, almost like a personal journal devoted exlusively to "crazy ideas"?
      Seems like stuff you write in there today might not mean anything to you when you review it tonight, but three weeks from now, "bing!"

      Thanks for the tip - that's a great one!



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        I only clear those ideas that I start a project or next action on. Some I might delete just because instead of someday/maybe they are dumb/never . The rest I just leave alone for further review from time to time.