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GTD and corporate intranets

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  • GTD and corporate intranets

    I finished reading GTD last week and a second reading last night. I can't believe how much this book has opened my eyes. I've been dealing with email at the office, at home and on the road. I faithfully use my Treo and still use my Franklin-Covey Planner...and I "thought" I was well organized.

    I went into my office today when nobody except the cleaning crew was there and absolutely THRASHED my office. It took me nearly 9 hours to collect, process and organize. But it was EXHILARATING to see all that I accomplished...and how much PAPER I had unnecessarily burdened myself with.

    Our firm makes heavy use of an intranet for scheduling, itineraries, project teams (product status, notes, files, legal, etc) and whatnot.

    I normally tag stuff in my paper planner related to the intranet material...What are you all doing?

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    messing with MeetingMaker

    The place I work uses MeetingMaker extensively for planning meetings, but not everyone is on it or uses it, which makes it completely usuitable to be a major aspect of my planning system, Instead, I check it every morning to be sure that I have any meeting in my main calendar, which can be synchronized with my PDA. I also leave it on during the day, just in case a meeting changes.

    In other words, it is just a place I check, like email, for projects/next actions.


    P.S. I also block off time on it for me to actually work, so that I don't end up in meetings all day, every day.