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The results of my exhaustive search for a GTD system/app

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  • The results of my exhaustive search for a GTD system/app

    Hello All,

    I've spent a number of months researching, testing and comparing GTD systems and I've FINALLY come to a conclusion.

    First, let me explain a little bit about my general profile and needs. I use an Android HTC Desire Z smartphone and a Windows PC. I want a service that is also Cloud-Based so I can use it at work and while travelling without having to rely on my smartphone.

    I'm what you might describe as a "List Person". I have many different kinds of lists (shopping, travel, music, films, etc) along with an incredibly long "To Do" list. In this context I'm only talking about using this system for my "To Do" stuff.

    For my non-task lists I use a Palm+Desktop app called "ListPro" but they aren't on Android, so I'm currently looking for a replacement which has customisable multi-select fields as ListPro had. (any suggestions on this would be very appreciated )

    For managing my 2,000 personal contacts I use a combination of CardScan's Desktop App and Outlook, and for my 40,000 business contacts I use a combination of CardScan and Maximizer.

    I reviewed and trialled the following GTD Systems and Android Apps:

    - Google Tasks + Google Sync - Web
    - Toodledo - Web
    - Pocket Informant - Mobile App
    - Due Today - Mobile App
    - Nozbe - Mobile App + Web
    - Get It Done - Mobile App + Web
    - MyLifeOrganized - Mobile App + Web
    - DGT GTD To-Do - Mobile App
    - Ultimate To-Do List - Mobile App (Desktop App available, but not trialed)

    I decided on Toodledo's web service plus the final three Android app contenders below. The rest had SO many shortcomings on missing funtionality that it would be a waste of time and space to list them all here.

    - Due Today
    - Pocket Informant
    - Ultimate To-Do List

    Pocket Informant Negatives:
    - Status limited to 4 choices
    - No Negative (-1) or Top (4) Priorities
    - Can only filter by Category
    - Can't save filters
    - No Link to Contact

    Due Today Negatives:
    - Can only filter by Context or Tag
    - Can't save filters
    - No Negative (-1) or Top (4) Priorities
    - No Link to Contact

    So my final decision is to purchase Ultimate To-Do List's Android app to use with Toodledo's web service (I'm currently using the free service, but may consider upgrading eventually). UTD does all of the above, plus the view settings are *extremely* customisable.

    Kind Regards

    Jake Nava
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