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More than one weekly review?

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  • More than one weekly review?

    My weakest link is getting better (yes, actually I had 2, getting information and then the weekly review)

    I am getting better, now I have less and less of those 310-333-3333 that I use to have a lot, I am current in many projects and I feel in control almost all the time.

    This week was really extrange, I did my 5th weekly review in a row and I was so proud, was a great one, but as David Allen described in some place, my world change the next morning and I got literaly a ton of new information to process, I actually process but usually I do not feel the need for another weekly review, this time I am feeling i need another one just 2 days after mine.

    I think my last weekly review was a good one, the problem was that I got a tons of input in 2 days, that overwelm the system, all process, all inbox in 0 (What a feeling) but there is something that tell me I need a weekly review.

    After finish this message I am going to try, but I am tired and also know David Allen said that when you are fried is better not to do it, but I have a really busy day tomorow and I know I will not have time in other moment.

    Any of you have this problem before too?

    Do you have get too many things in your system in a couple of days that you feel you need to do another weekly review?

    Any suggestions?


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    For me the weekly review is something that should be completed at least once a week.
    If you feel you need to do a review in between in order to trust your system, do it. It is all about trusting the system. If you feel you need to do another review, you do not trust the current status of your lists.

    It might be sufficient to do a partially review. As I understand, your inbox is empty and everything has been processed. The reason for you not feeling comfortable must be somewhere else: maybe you can check your projects: make sure that all of them have a next action. Or maybe just clean out your NA-lists, ... .

    Last week, I did not have time for a complete weekly review. I did manage to process notes of several full day meetings on the plane. That was enough to make sure that I was not forgetting any hot topics. So I could relax and get some sleep to reduce jet lag to a minimum.

    I am looking forward to the feeling of relief after this afternoons full weekly review!


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      I do mini reviews ever 24-48 hours to make sure I stay on top of my work. Travelling really does make it more difficult, but I'm learning to exercise discipline to do the Weekly Review even on the road. It's just a state of mind that tells me I'm too tired to review. I have to remind myself that "You'll feel better once you do this!"


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        apinaud - That's party of the beauty of GTD. You have the tools you need to get yourself back in control as soon as you feel yourself getting out of control.