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    What is an effecient method of storing business cards?

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    Business Cards

    I take the contact information and put it in my palm as soon as possible. Then I can take the business card and store it in my recycling bin.

    (Usually I do this after the person who presents the card leaves )


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      Very diplomatic of you to wait until they leave.

      I sometimes have business cards associated with hard copy paperwork for some clients. In those cases I put the main or cover document on the photocopier with the business card aligned just below it, then copy using a reduction to 93%. This marries the business card to the paperwork and THEN I pitch the card into the recycle bin.

      For paper-based stuff, I've learned that reducing & combining pages often creates thinnner files and also puts more info at my disposal on a given piece of paper. Lots of times I'll even reduce two 8-1/2 x 11 sheets to half size on a single sheet. It's still readable.


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        Dealing with Business Cards

        Thank you. I was hoping to learn of a less time-consumming method of storing the info on the cards. Maybe there is a kind of rolex file or something.


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          business cards

          They make several binder-like things that you can slide cards into. I have some that are 4.25x10" and some that are just Avery sleeves that fit into a regular 3-ring binder.

          I get tons of cards in the course of a workshop or presentation, and it is faster to just stick them in it than copy into my Palm. Only the ones I need right now get entered.


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            Addressing the rolodex file comment above:

            Many years ago (before I started using my PalmPilot and the "enter the data and toss the card" process), I found a small paper punch in an office supply store. The punch was designed to make (in one press) the cuts necessary in the bottom of a business card for placing the card in a rolodex file. As I recall, the punch was kinda expensive (US$5 or US$6) for a device about 1 inch by 1 inch in size. But it certainly did the job.

            In the spirit of purging things no longer needed, I may have finally thrown it away some time ago, when I went "electronic."



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              I don't know if you want to go electronic in your Business Card management, but if you do, the Corex Card Scanner is absolutely magnificent.


              It comes with software to almost automatically synch with Outlook-it even ads new categories in Outlook if they are 'missing'.

              It has a Palm conduit feature, but since I synch with Outlook, I don't bother with the Corex software's synching.

              I processed about 90 cards today in about 45 minutes. You can do it lot quicker, but to validate each card's data takes a little time.



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                It's Labour Day weekend and I'm sitting in my office GTD-ing my files.

                I find an old pile of business cards in a box of papers from my California office 2000-02, I check that they're all in my Outlook Contacts - they are - and then I toss them toward the business card file box, thinking, that'll be a little later in the GTD-ing of my main office.

                Then I think: Wait! Should I keep the cards at all?

                I check the DA forums, and find this thread, and the answer is: No!

                Sometimes working on a long weekend can be ok.

                Cheers, Richard


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                  Re: Dealing with Business Cards

                  Originally posted by jack2410
                  Thank you. I was hoping to learn of a less time-consumming method of storing the info on the cards. Maybe there is a kind of rolex file or something.
                  You mean Rolodex?
                  "I don't know," said the cop. "But you can get your Rolex repaired here:"


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                    I throw mine in my in basket at home. Then when I'm processing my in basket I enter them into the Palm Desktop, which enters them into the Palm on HotSync. Then I toss the cards in the wastebasket as part of my ongoing jihad against paper accumulation.

                    On GTD Fast, DA says he staples them to a letter sized sheet of paper, which gets filed according to the event on which they were collected. If a group of cards were collected at a particular conference, he creates of file for that conference, and all the cards are stapled to the paper, and the paper is dropped into the file.