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What value do you place on your time?

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  • What value do you place on your time?

    A few months ago I was musing on why individuals place such a high value on their time and by implications their productivity and the tools and processes to support that productivity. This was especially highlighted by the comparative low priority that businesses place on their employee’s productivity. I wrote this article

    on the topic and Eric Mack wrote a post

    on a related theme.

    Well I have come back to this topic for two reasons:

    - First I want to do some research into the topic, my working title is “Personal Productivity – the topic that dropped off the enterprise agenda”

    - Second I have been inspired reading this forum by the fact that many individuals and business leaders who contribute to this forum seem to have not let “Personal Productivity – drop off the enterprise agenda”

    I was hoping that maybe some of you could give me some tips on your experiences:

    - Have you succeeded in making your company take notice of personal productivity?
    - Have you managed to create successful business cases to invest in tools, processes and training?
    - Are you a senior business decision maker, if so what are your thoughts in this?
    - Are you a down trodden knowledge worker, with similar experiences to the ones I describe, or am I missing the point?

    If this subject appeals to you you might find my blog category on Productivity of interest