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Deleting completed tasks

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  • Deleting completed tasks

    How can I tell Outlook to delete a completed task? Ideally I would like this to happen, say, a week after I have checked off the completed box. I know through the AutoArcheive function it can move or delete items older than X, but I'm not sure if that's what I want.

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    I find it best to delete them manually during the weekly review. This gives you a chance to review them before you delete them and serves as a reminder of possible loops you have left open. I may be able to help you, but first, why would you want to delete them without first reviewing them?


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      Ricky -

      Thanks for your comments. I typically don't review an item after I mark it completed. If a task is done it's done. I do agree with you that a final review of a project is necessary before I show that as completed (i.e., any open loops).

      - Woody


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        Well, we could write a fancy macro or somehting but here is a more simple solution: Create a view to show only completed items. When you are ready to purge, co a CTRL-A to Select All and then hit Delete.

        I still think that you will be doing yourself a dis-service to not do a quick review of them first, however. Not all Next Actions will be part of a project that you review and you may be surprised at what a single completed next action may bring to remembrance.