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    Is there a way to search for all the information related to a project - e-mails, tasks, and appointments?


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    If you are using outlook, try the outlook search program called Lookout.
    On the Palm, just use the Search button.



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      I give every project a tag using a distinctive format: {yymm "project title"} where yy is two digit year and mm is two digit date. I label each folder with this tag (including manilla folders, computer folders and Outlook folders). I also attach the tag to N/As and calendar items listed in my palm for those projects that are long enough and involved enough for me to want to find all of the items (not every project needs this treatment). A palm search for the tag gives me the items. All emails are put in the Outlook folder. All relevant papers are put in the manilla folder.

      I also include a list of the types of support files I have for each project. Projects are to-do items in the palm. Each item's note field includes a list showing whether I have created an Outlook folder, a manilla folder or a computer folder, as well as other odd support items like a set of spare parts. I can look at the note field and know where all of the support files are for each project. Using the palm desktop software and cut-and-paste, this is all very fast to do, after some practice.