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Applying GTD to Fitness Program?

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  • Applying GTD to Fitness Program?

    Most all GTD applications I have read about deal with office work and home-projects.

    I'm just curious -- has anyone applied it effectively to their fitness and/or exercise program? How?



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    Define effectively

    Seriously though I have use the GtD methodology to calendar training times during the week. I also have personal health and fitness in my 10000 ft view bundled up with healthy eating, an annual physical and some other shorter term goals like growing my own vegetables (tick - done)

    I'm not sure what you have in mind for exercise but I just found a gym that I was happy with, made an appointment for an evaluation. During the talk about goals etc I just gave them my 10000' view goals and said 'What do I need to do to get there?' and left it to them to design a fitness plan for me.

    This gets programmed in 3 mornings a week @ 0500. If I'm keen and have some spoare time on the weekend I do an extra session.

    This has had some unfortunate consequences though, as I am getting fitter I am thinking about training for a tri-athlon (gasp!) as a way to celebrate my 50th birthday next year.

    Like most things with GtD I have found for me the trick is NOT to get caught in the 'paralysis by analysis' stage or wait for that 'perfect' moment when all the planets have lined up to start a project be it fitness or whatever. You just need to Do It ! (sorry Mr Nike)

    Best of luck !


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      define s/o and n/a

      Your fitness Syccessful Outcome will be personal to you. For me a "process" outcome has been fine (get to the gym 3 days out of 5 for an hour each time), any more specific and I would have been too rigid. Once I get there I know what to do. The n/a for me at the start was to find my gym bag and buy new sneakers.


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        GTD for fitness.

        I think that EVERYTHING that you want to achieve is more likely to be achieved when you use GTD for it. So first implement GTD and then define the successful outcome, project(s), and Next Action(s) for fitness.


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          Calendar to the rescue

          Hi there.

          I think the "feature" of GTD that helped me most with my fitness programm is the "clean calendar".
          Keeping ONLY the hard landscape items on my calendar and making exercise/time at the gym one of those helped free time for exercising.

          Other than that, I irregularly define projects like "read fitness Book/article XYZ" or "write new training plan" during the year.

          "Look for gym", "Define fitness goals", ... are all possible and past projects that come to mind as well, and GtD helped me implement them.

          ::: emp :::


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            on the topic of fitness...

            One of the SDMBs on my list is to devise a system that lets you both easily track your strength training and also cues you as to different options for particular muscle groups. It is not a good idea to just do the same program over and over. In addition to increasing resistance up and, at times, down, it is a good idea to change:the order, the method (slower, faster), machines vs free weights, the particular exercises, and add new small challenges of an entirely different sort (e.g., toss medicine ball up and down or jump on and off a step between sets). But, it is very cumbersome to keep track of all this. Anyone got any ideas? This might also help someone is dealing with boredom, is stalled in their progression, or has suffered an injury due to overuse of one muscle to the exclusio of another.