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the last of the two-day GTD public seminars

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  • the last of the two-day GTD public seminars

    Did you see the notice in David's recent newsletter?
    (I've pasted it below.)

    I’ll be doing only four more two-day open Getting Things Done seminars this year – Boston, Washington DC, London, and Miami – and those will likely be the last public “Managing Workflow, Projects and Priorities” seminars I will be doing in the foreseeable future. We are developing a new one-day format for public seminars that will be launching in the spring of 2005, along with new programs designed for people who are seriously committed to getting themselves and their teams to “black belt.” So, for those of you who haven’t yet done the live two-day event, or those of you who know you need to kick it up a notch again, make plans now before these sell out, and the live GTD’s are no more. - David

    Here's a link to our seminar page, if you're interested:

    And here's a link to sign up for David's Productivity Principles e-newsletter, if you're not already receiving it and would like to:

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    Wow - it's like the end of an era!


    I already posted this to my blog. Kind of hard to believe the "classic" seminar is being retired but I am certainly looking forward to learning more about the new one-day events and especially the "black belt" events.


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      How about ...

      Before we lose the two day format (never have been ... always to far away! ) has there been thought to publishing a DVD? I have GTD Fast series on CD and love them. A DVD would be that much better!



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        bad timing

        Really sad that I will be in London three weeks AFTER his UK seminar.
        Drat drat drat drat!!



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          The last of the two day seminars? This is terrible – I never even got to the first of the two day seminars. Dublin to London to catch the farewell tour? I just might …


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            16 seats left in the Boston GTD seminar -Oct 27/28

            This seminar is filling up quickly. My guess is that it will be sold out by next week.

            Here's a link to the main public seminar page, if you want to register:

            Hope to see you then & there.



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              11 seats left in the Washington, DC seminar - Nov 18/19

              Ok, it's me, again...

              We're down to 11 seats in the Washington, DC seminar on Nov. 18/19. I say this, so any of you who think you may want to attend one of David's two day seminars can sign up - soon... this seminar will fill up by the beginning of next week. (my prediction...)

              We have a waiting list for the Boston seminar (Oct 27/2, and people call me to say, "PLEASE can I have a seat?! I didn't know it was filling up..."

              Hope to see you in DC.


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                Washington, DC seminar (Nov 18/19) is now sold out...

                The Washington, DC seminar (Nov 18/19) is now sold out...

                Let me know if you'd like to be added to the waiting list.