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Seminar vs. Cds vs. Book

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  • Seminar vs. Cds vs. Book


    I've read David's book (once only, admittedly) and made a pretty good stab at implementing GTD (which has, quite honestly, saved my life). I saw that he won't be doing the 2-day seminars much longer and was wondering whether it was really worth attending if I had read the book? I was also wondering if the Cds were helpful?

    Thanks in advance,


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    CD vs. Book

    Like many, I read the book first, then purchased the CDs. I thought the book was
    inspiring but a little vague with regard to activity. The concept was clear but
    execution was unclear.

    The CDs helped a lot to clarify the execution of GTD. And, since they are the
    spoken portion of a live seminar, I'd say the seminar would be even more worthwhile --
    worthwhlle in the sense of reducing the time between beginning to practice
    GTD behaviors and really rigorously applying them.

    I confess, though, that I seem to benefit more from aural instruction than from


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      Re: CD vs. Book


      Thanks for the follow-up. I have always been pretty much a "book-learner" though I suspect there's definitely a lot I could learn hearing it directly from David.

      Maybe I'll take the "middle-ground" & order the Cds.

      Thanks again,



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        The day I bought the book I quickly scanned it. Was so impressed that I had ordered the CD's before the day was over. I finsihed reading the book before the CD's arrived, then took the CD's on vacation.

        I have since listened to the CD's several times through, and find it useful to replay key elements of the CD's periodically for nuggets of info I previously missed or have forgotten. Hearing David explain how & why he makes certain recommendations helps in the implementation of GTD, IMO. As David says in the CD, "This thing (GTD) is like peeling an onion".


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          Going to a seminar...

          I get this question daily... about how people should start, what they should do, how is the seminar different from the book/tapes, etc.

          Here's what I tell them:

          The content of the GTD seminar is the exact same as the GTD book. From *the people who have attend the public seminars, we been told the value is:
          * hearing David live,
          *focusing on the material for two full days (away from their regular habits & distractions of life),
          and *having access to David and the David Allen Company staff to ask specific questions about your own system in real time.

          It's up to you to decide what that's worth. We're finding more than half of the seminar participants have read the book or listened to the material in some way, shape, or form prior to attending the seminar. That seems to have elevated the questions and participation in these public seminars.

          About 15% of the attendees are auditing, meaning they've attended the seminar in the past and are back for more - usually with a different perspective the second time around, focusing on fine tuning their system...


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            I started out with the book, and read it twice. Not bad for someone who doesn't like to read. When the CD set was available I bought it without thinking twice. I have a 1 hour commute into work, and every once in a while I put the CD set in the car and get a GTD refresher. The CD set is very entertaining too. A lot less work than reading for me, and makes good use of my commuting time (well, not as good use of my time as listening to Metallica!).