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A..Z filing system

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  • A..Z filing system

    This is my ideal filing system. What brand of index dividers would you recommend to buy? And btw, where are they available? I can't find them in usual stationery shops.

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    Filing Guides

    I checked Office Depot online. The Smead Manilla A-Z Filing Guides look like the ones in the photo. I have used both these and the blue Oxford Pressboard A-Z guides, also located at Office Depot. They have 24 different filing guides available.

    Hope this helps,


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      If you have one A to Z system, the guides a frequent "work outs", get the heaviest ones that you can as well as ones with the most visible letters. In one office that open top files the guides where slabs of masonite and I think this was a good idea.


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        I am a student. Now I think the tabs should not follow the A to Z sequence since I want to use the filing system to group the past papers and notes. (Before I am too lazy to take them out frequently as I needed to find them every time). I'd like to have them lablled according to the subject names then differentiate them into "past paper", "notes", "solutions" three categories.
        Anyone have suggestions of which dividers I should purchase?


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          please help- purchasing in the uk

          I am living in the UK and I am finding it very difficult to find this style of filing guide in our shops.

          Does anyone know where I can purchae them?