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New Video clip on the homepage

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  • New Video clip on the homepage

    Brand new... just updated minutes ago...

    Did you see the new video clip of David on the homepage?

    Hope you enjoy.


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    That was great!

    A bit like a mini motivator right there!

    Thanks for the tip Jody. Is it purely promo, or is it a tip off on something bigger in the works?



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      Please tell us that this IS a sign that the final seminar will be available on tape/DVD - I'll be the first one to order - I promise!



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        The video really is awesome. I hope we get a complete seminar on DVD...


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          I wish I can get that dvd... maybe is the excuse I need to change the stereo of my car for a little tv... so far, my car knows the order of the GTD Fast! I hope DavidCo makes a dvd, that will be great.


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            High is better than low.

            The video clip is much better in high resolution than in low resolution.


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              Video on the site

              Delighted to see all the great, supportive, positive feedback from the video. Yes, it's a promotional piece. It's a good way for people that haven't been to an event yet to see what David is like. Plus, it can be a fun way for people new to Getting things Done to see if they can relate to some of the issues that GTD is about.


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                Good clips.

                Suggestion edit out the reference to "helping AMERICA get things done" and replace with "helping the WORLD get things done".

                Release the DVD and buyers will come!


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                  Hey, kudos to those who put that 7 minute video together - it's no simple 1-step task to edit a bunch of video down into a tight, slick presentation. However, I have to say, and this may be a cultural thing (I'm in Australia), but the new video of segments taken from David's presentations makes me cringe.

                  I've been an avid fan of the Getting Things Done book for almost three years now, and have evangelised both the book and technique far and wide. But I feel that the way that video has been put together belies the strength of the techniques as well as their collective strength, while making David look like a wanna-be comedian. It's joke after joke followed by cuts to the audience laughing. Hey, a little light relief in the course of a few hours is great, but to condense every off-the-cuff wisecrack into 7 minutes of video turns what is a life-altering, business-enhancing system into a side-show, IMHO.

                  I apologise to those who've put this video together, because I can see the work and care that's gone into it. But I feel that along the way, subtly, it's overshot the mark by trying to paint David as more entertainer than educator.