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Tracking "Shots in the Dark"

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  • Tracking "Shots in the Dark"

    How do you track the "shot in the dark" chances that you take? For example, we are trying to locate a spokesperson for a DVD Demo we are putting together. We obviously would like to have a well-recognized drummer to promote our product, so I am sending out emails to managers and crossing my fingers. I may not even get a response, so should I bother tracking these at all until I get a response? We have a project setup already to do the video and a secondary project to find a spokesperson. I have a list of people to target and I have sent the emails. Now I am just waiting...

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    I vote yes.

    Project: Sponsor secured

    N/A: Waiting for rsvp from [insert drummer's rep here]

    Now, if it makes sense to drop the idea completely if you don't hear from these folks by a certain date, then I might add a "sunset" reminder in your calendar for a month or two out that says "Cancel sponsor project if no rsvp by today" or something to that effect.) Otherwise, you can consider ramping up your follow-ups (send a certified letter rather than an email?) after a couple of weeks...



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      I agree with the response above. I recently did this with a survey sent out to managment. I had a completed by date and followed up date and then a sunset date to close the project weather I had a response or not