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"Wishcraft" - good book for the 50,000-feet perspe

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  • "Wishcraft" - good book for the 50,000-feet perspe

    Interesting soundbite: "There are plenty of hard-working, responsible men and women in our society who do know how to get things done but have never felt free to explore themselves and find out what they want to do." (p. xv)

    I'm just getting started with this book, and I'm looking forward to discovering things about myself and where I want to go.

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    Hm - the subject got cut off; it originally read: "Wishcraft" - good book for the 50,000-feet perspective.

    Basically it's about finding your mission in life / choosing a (possibly new) career path.


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      Wishcraft - excellent book

      This is an excellent book and so to is Barbara Sher's "Teamworks"

      I love the 'attitude' in both these books toward collaboration, clear thinking, simplicity.

      Particularlt remember her take an authenticity and how so many 'self-help' book actually help you to feel bad about yourself and your current achievements!


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        Wishcraft is the book that prompted me to get advanced degrees. I bought it when it was first published years ago, and what a motivator it was! It's one of the books that has stayed on my shelf and has been read more than once. Some books just keep pushing me to reach out for the things I want.



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          Couldn't agree more - Wishcraft is a gem.


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            Couldn't agree more - Wishcraft is a gem.


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              Gotta add "What Color Is Your Parachute?". Working through the exercises in this book guided me in choosing a career as a computer programmer (despite not having a degree in Computer Science -- just a love of programming since childhood).