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What are the traveling folders?

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  • What are the traveling folders?

    I'm setting up my "mobile" office and I remember Dave had suggested a core set of "traveling folders." I think one was "Inbox" and one he added later in a newsletter was "Trash", but can't remember the other ones. Any help is appreciated. Am interested in Dave's list as well as any others you might have created. Thanks in advance.

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    The set is:

    In / to be processed (your "inbox")
    To Home
    To Office
    Data entry (for large volumes of data entry stuff)
    Action support (for one-off actions that don't require they're own project folder)

    I don't use the data entry folder myself (in, home, and office folders seem to cover the bases; but, your mileage may vary)


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      Having a Read / Review one is helpful, too.


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        These are the folders that I always keep in my briefcase:

        File (for things going straight to my file clerk at the office)
        In (for things going into my In basket at the office)
        Home (for things I want to take home -- basically, "In" for home)

        I also took David's advice to use plastic folders, so they still look nice after being lugged around all the time.

        When I'm traveling, I have a red plastic folder labeled "Travel" with travel-related documents (I also put my receipts in there). On my last trip, I accidentally left my Travel folder on the seat of my car when I parked at the airport. Turned out not to be a problem since I had all the info in my Palm. But that (critical travel information) is one place where it's probably good to have belt & suspenders.


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          Home, Work, School.

          Home and work are most useful, I place stuff in either folder that I need to process when I am in that place (i.e. HR stuff from work that I have to talk about with my wife). If it needs to go back to the office, for filing for example, I place it in that folder.


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            I use:

            In - you know about that one
            Action - Goes to my files that hold active project support material
            Reference - To my reference files when I get back to the office
            Refer - These go to direct reports

            I don't use a trash folder...i use the trash


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              Re: What are the traveling folders?

              I'm setting up my "mobile" office

              Here's a question I get a lot after seminars:

              "What are in/how do you use your plastic files?"

              The plastic files are "independant" of my "digital system." So, my PDA will have sections like @Calls, @Errands, Projects, ect., while the folders hold support information.

              In Box - to capture "unprocessed" items. It's the same as carrying a legal pad, or spiral notebook around

              Action Support - the paper based materials to support the next actions. Here are phone lists, address lists, actual envelopes...anything to help me get my work done (the paperwork I'm going to need) while I'm away from my office

              Read and Review - Simply that...articles, web printouts, etc. that I have to scan.

              To Office - I use while I'm "on the road" to hold the things I get/process while I'm out that need to come back (mostly, stuff to file in my A-Z).

              In addition, I carry a "Writing Support" folder. In there is the "project support" for the current article I'm working on. (Notes, ideas, printouts, interview quotes, etc.)