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seeing tasks under projects category

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  • seeing tasks under projects category

    I understand that you use the projects category as an index or stake in the ground in seeing your projects but the actionable items go under your context categories. How can I see all my actionable tasks under a certain project when I uncollapse that category?

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    Not sure that this will help as I am still moving from paper to electronic and I suspect you are pretty techy. I put all my projects in TO Do using desktop Palm and add a note with a list of tasks or ideas or data or reference to support material that is in a real paper folder, a book, a place, or a person. Then I synch this to handheld. It is just usually too much to get it into the handheld directly.


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      I hate to sound like a broken record, but Iambic's Agendus does the trick for me. Specifically, it allows me to attach an icon to my NA's. I assign an icon to the project in my project catagory and then assign the same icon to all NA's associated with that project. I can then filter my NA's by icon, which then brings up only the project and associated NA's and hides everything else to allow me to concentrate on the project. This is also helpful when I'm planning my project and don't want to see my over 100 other NA's that are calling for my attention when I'm not in the correct context to deal with them.


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        Re: seeing tasks under projects category

        How can I see all my actionable tasks under a certain project when I uncollapse that category?
        In the coaching I've done over the past several years, I've found that when people get the system complete and current, this kind of review/view is not necessary, and they don't use it.

        This may not describe you, so, let me share this bit:

        I worked to learn Outlook for all of its functionality for action and project managment. Now, I use Outlook desktop these days. I like the CTRL+SHIFT+F )Advanced Find feature a lot. In seminars, this is a great way to "reduce the fears" people have of organizing by context.

        What I do is put a "keyword" in each line of each Action and Project. Then, when I do an Advanced Find, I just type in that word and ALL my actions come up, regardless of context.

        So, if I want to work on a project, like a client visit, I get all the current (and completed) tasks in one view.

        (by the way, this works if you organize in Palm Desktop, or even Excel!)