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GTD good for "GTD", but how do you record stuff fo

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  • GTD good for "GTD", but how do you record stuff fo

    The GTD method has been a boon for my productivity, if for no reason other than the centralization of tasks, files, etc. I've incorporated the Outlook addin, which is nice, and also use MindManager on my TabletPC. All of this is great for the 'productivity' portion of the day, but I had a question for the group which is more focused to capturing and maintaining historical information. Where do you do it? Do you task yourself to do it, or is this an assumed part of your GTD workflow?

    I'm currently using GoBinder as my notes manager on my Tablet, but I'm curious to know what others are doing. I straddle the line between sales and services in my company, so I also use a CRM tool ( source free!) to maintain call records, translated meeting notes, etc.

    What does the user community out there use?

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    Check out Evernote: