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Annotation and clipping during read/review

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  • Annotation and clipping during read/review

    I was wondering what techniques folks used to digest their read/review pile?

    Like some, I have a pile next to my chair in the living room that is reserved for read/review. I keep scissors, highlighters and post-it flags there so that when I pick something up, I can mark articles of interest in magazines, make margin notes, and underline main ideas. I tend to deconstruct (cut out relevant info or tear out whole articles) magazines so that I can file articles in reference, maybe/someday, or project folders. I generally make one pass through to mark articles that I may want to read later. If I get all the way through w/o marking anything or cutting anything out, I toss the magazine.

    I'm looking for hints on annotation marks, note taking styles and the like to improve my system.