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Paper vs PDA - and binder question

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  • Paper vs PDA - and binder question

    I read somewhere that a person is often either a PDA or a paper person. This made me feel great, as I have had several super duper PDAs and always go back to a 3 ring binder system. The article said that some of of just need to "see" more than a PDA shows, and that we need to "feel" the writing of it on paper. That's me! ( my friend told me that my $400.00 PDA is just a heavy address book!)

    I have just implemented GTD, and have had a terrific week accomplishing goals. I have one question. Does anyone know of a vendor for a nice 8 1/2 x 11 binder that has small rings? I think I am going to go to a monthly calendar format because my lists are doing so well (I used to write them all on the calendar - and rewrite - and move, etc.) Anyway, with the calendar and my 5 tabbed areas behind - I just don't need to lug around a big thick binder with a zipper.

    I have looked at the standard places = DayTimer, Covey. I guess I could use a plain ol 3 ring 1 " binder, but - doesn't look very professional.

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    How about these?


    Kind of glad I googled this. On the 2nd page of the last link, there are three pocket notepad sets, one of which takes 3X3 Post-its.


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      I use a Levenger 3-Ring Folio for work that I'm thinking about setting up for GTD. It has 1" rings and is made of very nice leather.


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        Thanks so much. Now I can't decide which one - love that red one from Levinger!


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          I'm otherwise a confirmed technophile, but I use a paper planner. It's simply more efficient for putting information in and getting information out. I do keep my contacts in Outlook, and periodically print out a fresh address book, rather than try to update all of that information by hand.

          The first thing to do is decide the size of the binder you'll need. I use a binder with 2-inch rings, because I like to have lots of information, planning calendars, notes, etc. I got mine from FranklinCovey, and while it's not real leather, I think it looks just fine. I get most of my pages and accessories from Day Timer.


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            Paper vs PDA

            I use a regular Filofax - in the Personalformat. It works fine for me, I also have a Palm that I try to set up to GTD-mode, but I always fall back to paper...

            Check out this link...


            And there is something about what the guys at Time/Desing says..

            “If you think it, ink it.”

            Paper works fine for me and you can quickly pull up your Filofax to jot down something in it...

            I set up and use my Filofax in a combination of




            It works smoothly and I like to pull up my binder on the bus on my way home from work (one hours trip each way) and scan my lists/NA/projects etc. ( a short "mini-rewiev" to get all lose ends in my sight so I can "kill them"...

            All roads lead to Rome...
            ..or there isn´t only one way to get organized...