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Don't use alarms?

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  • Don't use alarms?

    I was reading Buzz Bruggeman's blog on his GTD seminar experience...

    ...and I came across a note that said it was not a good idea to use alarms. For any of you that have attended the seminar, what's the reasoning behind this? Is it in reference to alarms on tasks or on appointments? If the latter is true, I'm perplexed because I heavily depend on my Palm to tell me when it's time to stop doing whatever I'm doing and join a meeting, etc..


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    While I agree that we should be on top of our schedule, for me, it's not really a matter of being "on top" of things as much as getting caught up in the capture/processing cycles on my other lists.

    I'll get in a groove, and I rely on my alarm as a way of telling myself that it's time for Rapid Refocusing on an upcoming event.

    I wonder if David was referring to not setting alarms for @action list items, as opposed to calendar items. Just a thought.


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      Cikub - Why don't you post this as a comment on Buzz's blog and see what he says?