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Outlook and Life Balance together?

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  • Outlook and Life Balance together?

    Hello Folks,

    I work in an environment that is based on Outlook. My email, entire calendar, tasks, etc. are all in Outlook. The email and calendar are out of my control -- I HAVE TO USE THESE. I have heard so many good things about Life Balance (Andersons, are you there?) that I would like to consider using it for my tasks/next actions. Now, with that said, has anybody combined the two together? I am not sure how to do this, and perhaps it would be too cumbersome to go back and forth between two different programs. Any advice would be most welcomed!


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    I am one of those that usa LB and Outlook. Outlook is the standard at work, therefore I use it for notes, address, calendar and email... Next Actions and Projects.

    I try to check my emails every 2 hours, and have the alerts off, then I am not tempted to check everytime I receive and email... Then when I got into the email, I do all the process, add to life balance (I have a place called Inbox)

    This works great for me, my outline is kind of big, but anyways I only used heavily one a week in my WR and then I printed for me to work more quick.

    The thing I like the most is the ability to have my projects in the outline format (an in fact I use the outline just for projects, 20k and other things goes in notes) and then the places are my context, Work, Computer, Home, Car, Phone, SomedayMaybe, Inbox, Agendas, Waiting For, Delegated...

    I do not need to see outlook all day, people know I will get to their messages in the day, but not necessary in the moment they sent it to me, so far everybody understand, maybe because they trust their email is going to be read and reply, in my office people is amazed that my inbox is always empty (The email and the paper one) therefore people know I will get to my email list, one by one, and I do not do crazy read, one by one....

    In the yahoo group you can find many approaches about the use of Life Balance. I live in a Outlook environment, therefore there are somethings I do not use about Life Balance, for example the import-export, or the calendar function, but I can simply create a task, meeting with... if I need to track it, in my case, I am not interested, that goes to my calendar and that is all.

    I hope this answer at least part of your questions.....


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      Re: Outlook and Life Balance together?

      I know that some Life Balance users sync with Outlook, but this may be done through syncing to a handheld. To find out for sure, I recommend searching the Life Balance forums and/or asking there. In addition, you can download a free trial of the software, and if you have questions, you will get timely answers through the support forums or by email from the developers.