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getting started and cold calling

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  • getting started and cold calling

    I am just getting started with GTD. I have been using FC for the past several years. So far, I like GTD, but it definitely has pointed out areas that I am not a disciplined as I would like to be.

    I am currently using all paper and Outlook. I do a lot of cold calling in my sales job. Because of this, I think I need a small calendar that I can carry with me to check schedules and schedule appts as needed while making my calls. Would it make sense to use a pocket-sized calendar with a notepad for notes for making calls and have an 8-1/2x11 notebook with my action lists, projects, phone lists, etc. Does this make sense, or am I setting myself up for problems having two items to carry and review?

    Also, because I am in the field most of the time, I am having trouble getting to my inbox at my office. We get a lot of leads......for different surrounding towns.....lots of paper, should I keep track of these using my tickler file or have a different filing system to manage my leads.

    Anyway, just getting going and hoping some GTD veterans can help a newbie. Take care.


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    I am also in sales. However, all of my cold calling is done over the telephone rather than on the street. However, I always try to set my next appointment with a prospect during my face to face appointment.

    I carry my Palm Computer into the call. I use it while the prospect is reviewing his calendar to find an open date and time. I also carry an 8 1/2 X 11 portfolio for note taking. I simply refer to my Palm Computer for an open date and time and then make a note in my notes as to the date and time on which we agree. I then update my Palm after the call.

    If you are using Covey, don't hesitate to take your planner into the call along with whatever note taking device you use. The planner is a great place to maintain your GTD system along with your calendar. I used this method before I became a Palm fan.

    My Covey planner went everywhere with me. Since my organization requires me to maintain my calendar on Lotus Notes, I did need to update my Notes calendar the next time I was in the office (kind of a pain to remember). However, I always made it a rule to process my inputs as a first priority when I returned to the office.

    Hope this helps.



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      kb, I second Chris's suggestion on the Palm--I use it to keep track of my schedule and contacts while in the field...AND, if you get one with wireless capabilities you can recieve e-mails in the field as well.

      If you consider adopting a Palm, I would suggest also getting Beyond Contacts, a software program that synchronizes your Palm to match the format in Outlook.

      And one last thing...I just finished implementing David Allen's workflow processing in Outlook as outlined in the $10 pdf file available on this site. It is definitely worth the money and effort!

      Hope this helps.