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Tracking Delegated Items

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  • Tracking Delegated Items

    My first post, sorry for any errors.

    I run a large property portfolio in the UK. I have several hundred projects, many of them delegated to other professionals. The projects often last weeks or months. I like to know where each job is, some do nothing for weeks at a time then often there is a flurry of activity over a few days.

    I have been keeping the latest development of each job noted in the notes section of outlook but think this is slowing down my productivity. It seems a bit like the telephone/email log with the system seems to discourage.

    I would welcome any other users advice or experience in relation to this matter. Any practical suggestions on how you keep track of delegated projects efficeently would be of interest.

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    I find it helps to be clear about the specific deliverables on each project and track the next one on your "waiting for" list, with an expected date. You may want a separate list for these, so you don't mix them up with general stuff.

    Hope this helps...