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Notes vs Text files

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  • Notes vs Text files

    Recently I downloaded David's PDF file for setting up Outlook and read this over the weekend. So far I have been keeping my context lists altogether in a single Excel spreadsheet with a separate context on a unique sheet. This has worked nicely for me, but it does have some drawbacks (particularly for @agenda items where Outlook looks far more elegant). So I am going to give Outlook a try for task management as well.

    While looking at the PDF file I noted David's comments about Notes. I have not been using Notes at all so far - instead I just create a memo/word/text file and store it under a relevant folder on my PC or Pocket PC. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Are there any benefits to using Notes in Outlook vs having separate files stored under subject folders

    2. On my Pocket PC running Pocket Windows 2002, I cannot seem to assign a category to my Notes - is there a workaround to this?