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PDA and Paper?

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  • PDA and Paper?

    Is anone using a combo PDA/paper system? Although I've been using a PDA pretty exclusively for the last 5 years, I'm found value in using a Time Design paper system, too, to help me manage my work and personal life.

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    Here's my approach - if I feel like using paper, I use paper (moleskin notebook, scrap, printouts). If I feel like using my PC/PDA, I use that.

    However, everything that could be valuable that was input on paper (the results of planning/brainstorming - not the notes themselves) eventually gets input on my PC (scanned or typed). This information is either input during my weekly review or marked for input at a future time.

    I almost always input calendar items and contacts directly to my PDA. Furtuer tasks usually make themselves apparent throughout the day/week and are input in my PDA/PC throughout the week.

    I used to fret the paper/pc combo, but allowing myself to switch when I want, knowing that my data will eventually all make it into my digital archives, has given me a refreshing sense of freedom. It has also allowed me to put more focus on the content of my weekly review and less on the structure/format/software-of-the-week..


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      Yes! I use PDA for some things and paper for others.

      I use paper as a capture tool when it's more convenient than PDA. I just still like scribbling on paper sometimes.

      I always use paper for brainstorming.

      I always use my PDA for maintaining all projects and actions (Life Balance). Maintaining these on paper would be a nightmare. I use my PDA for all checklists and shopping lists (HandyShopper). I use my PDA for all appointments (built-in calendar). I use my PDA for all useful snippets of information (Memo Pad). And I use my PDA for easily-searchable journal entries (DayNotez).

      I sometimes use paper-based calendars simply to have other, larger-format views. For example, I sometimes print out a weekly view and map out blocks of time to work on important projects. This is not required by GTD, but most of my time is flexible, so imposing some extra structure often works best for me. I also use a yearly wall-size calendar to do longer-term brainstorming and planning. I consult it mainly during Weekly Reviews.



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        Thanks for the response from those of you who use a combination. It's great to learn from others!


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          My methods are remarkably similar to andersons, except that I don't use Life Balance (I plan to try it when I upgrade my PDA). I use paper for capturing random thoughts and process the paper notes along with other items in my inbox (okay, I'm still working a little bit on not leaving the papers all over the place instead of putting them in my inbox). I also use paper for brainstorming and planning during my weekly reviews. My datebook, next action lists, address book and memos are all on my PDA. I use HandyShopper for grocery lists and various GTD checklists. I also schedule blocks of time for some larger projects.


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            I use a combo of both. I use my PDA for calendar items and things that have to be done that day - I can share my appointment calendar with my two AA's. I use paper to do all of my projects and next action items. This gives me quick retrevil and input. This gives me the best of both worlds. I can drop my PDA into my pocket and attend a meeting and make appointments on the run, I can make notes on an "in" page and it is ready to be filed.

            One of the best things I did was to take an old A-Z phone tab from my Covey days and I use that to put all of my projects in order so I can find them quickly.