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Going Beyond GTD

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  • Going Beyond GTD

    Hi Gang,

    You are all excellent encouragement for me in applying GTD, Thanks for that. I had a bit of insight today, while listening to an audio by a man named John Piper. It all of a sudden seemed completely obvious that GTD does not really "come into its own," that is, it does not realize its full value or its fully mature development, until you personally have something bigger going on in your life, than GTD, something ELSE that is driving you (or calling you, as the case may be.)

    David has said this himself in a number of subtle ways, but not overtly that I have read: GTD exists to make it possible for other, more important things to happen in your life. Unless you have a grander vision, certainly larger than "getting organized," GTD is handicapped; it is not built to operate in a vacuum. It is not an end in itself.

    So use it. If you don't know what your life is about, use GTD to make time for you to explore that question. If you know why you are on the planet, then use GTD to free you from distractions so you can get your REAL work done in the best way possible.

    But whatever you do, don't limit your existence or fail to fulfill your purpose by reducing yourself to the job of "getting organized." It is all much bigger than that....


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    Leveraging Focus & Vision" seminar

    I think David addresses these issues in his "Getting Things Done:
    Leveraging Focus & Vision" seminar and in the 10000-50000 feet levels concept in GTD. Hopefully we can expect new book about these topics.


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      Do you have a link to the Piper site? It sounds like an interetsing audion.


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        The audio was called: Undoing the Destruction of Pleasure. You will find it here:



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          Good post. In a way I think it's stating the obvious, but I think it's extra relevant because sometimes we seach for, latch onto, and modify "productivity systems" because we actually have no driving purpose and are looking for meaning behind all the stress. No matter how good you are at GTD, you can still feel empty inside. Often, people with a driving purpose don't even need GTD because they are so absorbed in their mission that they naturally get things done without obsessing about it. The nice thing about GTD is that cleaning up the runway helps the rest of us realize, eventually, that there is more to life.


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            Hit the afterburner

            Like many on this site I have been "doing" GTD for a number of years. I read an article in FastCompany in 2000? about David's forthcoming book and found the concept intriguing... been on/off with my use of GTD ever since.

            What's exciting is that as you get "on" again with GTD, the 30/40/50K ideas start flowing. I found a great book to get those ideas flowing even when you're not in the zone: "How to be First, Daring, Different" by John Crknokrak. It's published by It's a great reminder of success strategies that are "common sense" but not commonly done.



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              Important post

              I think this is an important post. Likely to be lost amongst all the 'noise' of getting stuff done.

              My view is that purpose often becomes very opvious once you 'clear the calculator' - which is precisely what GTD leads toward.

              Certainly having a purpose and vision to leverage makes it far easier to stay focused, say no and make sensible choices about what to do next.

              Does anyone have any resources / ideas on moving to this level?