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What filing cabinet to get?? (London UK!)

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  • What filing cabinet to get?? (London UK!)


    I'm new to GTD, half way through the book.

    I've just read the bit about not having squashed filing cabinets. Ouch!

    I want to get a filing cabinet, and have just spent 45 minutes on these forums and looking at websites trying to figure it all out and don't think I'm any the wiser.

    Could someone please help me with learning the different types of filing cabinets, and which type we need for GTD.

    Much appreciated

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    i need uk stuff too

    I have been searching for ages for a filinf cabinet and tabbed folders in the UK with no luck

    I think its awful the lack of decent resources for GTD in this country - Please help


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      ahh..have just started a thread looking for help finding those tabbed files in the UK...

      but I can help with the filing cabinets...basically you want to be asking for a standard filing cabinet..but without the suspension cage and WITH a compression plate (the sprung thingy that means you can use these tabbed files we cannot find eeek)


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        Are these not they? If not then I have been using the wrong thing!!

        Edited to say: I can't get it to stay on the product, so just enter "tabbed folders" in the product search and then click on "filing" then find the five part tabbed folders. Although it looks like it's on folder tabbed in five parts, it is five separate folders.
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