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What is "Done"?

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  • What is "Done"?

    The dictionary says "Having been carried out or accomplished; finished; a done deed"

    What we get from "done" is a sense of accomplishment, check that one off of the list, it's done. I completed the 2005 budget, whew! In fact, I will be working with the 2005 budget on a regular basis.

    So I am noticing is that almost all of the work in my life is never "done". There are recurring tasks that I keep at a certain level. This applies to laundry and database integrity. Ongoing maintenance is required. The Palm has really helped me to see this, virtually everything I do I will be doing again days, weeks, months, or years from now.

    For me, accepting this mindset has helped a lot. I used to like to get things done to perfection. Now that I know I will be revisiting the same task I am happier with good enough.

    How about you? What percentage of your work gets "done"?

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    For me, it depends what the task is. For instance, if it's something I despise doing, then to simply make sure that I do *something* with it -- i.e., ANYTHING!, then "good enuff" is just fine --- just so long as I know that I will be approaching the same task again shortly, and might have the opportunity to do more than 'stop-gap' manuveuring.

    The above could describe alot of home-files, and tax records - the upkeep done often, quickly, & lasidaisically.

    However, there are some repeating household chores that I frequently will go all out 100.01%, demand that results must be 'perfect' --- simply in the hope that the next half dozen times I do them, it will be relatively FAST and easy to maintain them at a high level of sparkling clean ----- so there are a whole number of cleaning chores that I am NOT fond of - for instance, wall/floor behind refrigerator & top, thereof..... and I won't do just "good enuff" on the chores I dislike - as I find it easier to do them frequently, but very thoroughly - thus, knowing beforehand it is not gonna be any major hours-long nasty project to clean them.

    During the past few years I've occasionally had to clean out others "haven't been properly cleaned & organized in decades" basements & attics -- and it was so astoundingly an exhausting job, and such long heavy duty work - that I try to make sure that I don't replicate such conditions in MY environment, not EVER.